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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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not only broke the law it could have gotten them kill. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. and right now at 5:00 a wet day fades into chilly evening. live look at the ben franklin parkway on the left there and ultimate doppler radar on the right. the rain falling for most of the day. accompanied by chilly temperatures and some strong winds. >> the weather made for slick roads out there that created problems for drivers and geese alike and this is just round one. we could be in for something more serious tomorrow. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland. a busy few days for the fox 29 winter weather authority. let's does it get straight over to meteorologist kathy orr to find out what's in store. kathy. >> good afternoon iain undawn g afternoon, everyone. this is just the appetizer. the big storm, the main event comes in tomorrow. you can see on ultimate doppler the rain beginning to break up becoming more sporadic from the southwest toward the northeast. so it will be dying down during
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the evening hours. we still have some snow mixing with sleet and eventually freezing rain in the poconos so there is a winter weather advisory there from sleet and also freezing rain into the overnight it also does include northampton county including easton and also bethlehem. please be aware of that if you're heading that way. rainfall amounts between a tenth to 210ths of an inch of rain in those levels will be leveling off as well. future weather shows by about 8:00 o'clock tonight we see light rain and drizzle with areas of fog developing especially in south jersey and then during the morning by about 7:00 a.m. the rain begins to fill in again but for your wednesday, it will be periods of rain for the most part and then the storm moves in. severe weather, tornado watch in the deep south associated with this much there is potential for to us see some severe thunderstorms and even wind damage with the storms. we'll talk more about this coming up with your seven day forecast. a little bit later on in the broadcast. for now we'll zen it back to you. >> all right, kathy, thanks. you can stay a head of weather
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by downloading our fox 29 news app. you can get live radar and alerts sent to your phone just search for it in the apple or google play stores. only on fox tonight, pictures of an off duty police officer's injuries. he is one of two off duty officers hurt in a fight at an old city nightclub earlier this month. four people with connections to the nfl including lesean mccoy have been investigated for the incident. let's get straight out to fox 29's dave schratwieser who's live in center city, dave. >> reporter: dawn at this hour detectives and investigators and the district attorney' office are here at the offices of dennis cogan the lawyer for shady mccoy who has not been charged in this case at this point along with the others. no charges have been filed. they are upstairs right now discussing the case amongst themselves. we're not sure if shady mccoy is here. we believe detectives are here. district attorney's office and several others but we'll start tonight with those photos obtained exclusively by fox 29. they show the injuries to
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officer darnell jesse. he is one of two officer off duty officers who were inside the res says lounge when that all out brawl broke out more than two weeks ago on a saturday night into sunday again over a bottle of champagne. the injuries suffered to darnell jesse were a broken orbital bone, stitches, several other cuts and bruises to his face and his body. he was in the hospital overnight and then at home for several days. he still is recovering from those injuries along with a second officer who was also seriously injured supposedly or reportedly with a slight fractured skull and other injuries a broken nose and possibly broken ribs. all of that still under investigation by the district attorney's office and central detectives. it's been that way for over two weeks now. police continue to meet at this hour upstairs and shady mccoy's lawyers office with dennis cogan that's his attorney. the detectives on the case and the district attorney's office. we do not believe at this point
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a decision will be made tonight. is it possible? that could happen but, again, they probably will leave this office, discuss the case further and make a decision somewhere down the road this week. but, again, those photos obtained exclusively by fox 29 the first glimpse we've had of the injuries to the two off duty officers involved in this brawl. we will have another life report coming up right up at 6:00 more tonight at 10:00. iain. >> dave, thanks. incredible video released of a man shooting heroin on a crowded septa bus. >> we want to warn you, you might find the video disturb. it was shot about five days ago. you can see the 25-year-old man there overdosing. he was revived by a life saving drug with america exploding heroin epp dem tick a local police department is put agnew twist to best help those who are a kicked. bruce gordon is live at the upper darby police department with more. bruce? >> reporter: dawn, the growing
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mindset around the country has been to treat heroin addiction as a disease and not as much as a crime. but the disturbing footage we're about to show you highlights a brand new policy by police in this community that might, might actually be more beneficial to the drug users. the septa security camera footage screened for reporters by superintendent chitwood shows 25-year-old michael meanie of middletown, delaware county, shooting heroin aboard the packed route 111 bus last thursday afternoon. >> look at his left hasn't he's putting a needle in his arm. >> moments later meanie slumps pot floor of the bus. >> totally unconscious. >> upper darby police responding to numerous 911 calls board the bus and administer the nasal spray narcan to counteract the overdose and revive the man. he's rush to the hospital where he's treated and released. five days later, after tests confirm he was carrying heroi heroin -- >> this morning about 1:00 a.m. in middletown he was arrested
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mr. 19 knee was arrested inside his residence. >> reporter: that's right. meanie was saved then arrested and charged with drug possession. part of a new tough love policy from upper darby police tired of simply delaying deaths by drug overdose. >> we save somebody at 9:00 o'clock in the morning and two clock in the afternoon they are using heroin again report roar since last december, upper darby police have revised more than 50 heroin overdose victims. but many return to the drug works later dived overdoses. chitwood says arresting od victims puts them into the criminal justice system which gives them a fighting chance for recovery. meanie's criminal record says chitwood included roughly 10 arrests for drug possession. >> at some point in time some judge will say, okay, part of your probation or part of your sentence that you need to get into a rehab. then they can get him into a rehab. >> reporter: chitwood is quick to admit there is currently not nearly enough funding to cover
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all of the rehab programs necessary for this exploding heroin epidemic. but he believes that at least some, some of the arrested addicts could be compelled to get help and that would be a better result than simply saving they're lives and sending them on their way. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. in southwest philadelphia, a woman throws a violent tantrum in dunkin' donuts when police say she didn't get what she wanted. tonight police are looking for this woman. the video shows her knocking things over on the counter, then throwing a ceramic mug. the mug cut the store manager on the wrist. so what set the woman off? police say she was just not happy with her service. she got away in dark colored c car. police believe it might have been a forward for taurus. >> in mayfair, a fire brokes out in a building on thank forward avenue. forcing a person inside to jump top safety. this happened late last night fire officials say the person jumped from a third story and ended up hurting their leg. a second person also had to be treated for smoke inhalation. still no word on what caused
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that fire. happening now, the state attorney general says her office will consider whether to charge powerful electrical workers union john dougherty after a street fight with a non-union worker and some of that battle was captured on tape. jeff cole speaking with the alleged victim and dougherty's penal joining us from the newsroom with more. jeff? >> report roar the lawyer for the non-union worker is angry that philadelphia's district attorney has kicked the case to the ag and he says tonight he is very likely to sue the union leader. it was about 8:30 on the morning of january 21st when joshua casey the owner avenue non-union electrical contracting company says he was punched in the nose bioelectrical workers union boss john dougherty. >> how does he strike you. >> he leans forward and left, right, the left connected right here because i was just pretty much standing there not, you know, i didn't have my hands up or anything. >> reporter: he says the union
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leader broke his nose and also hit him with a glancing blow in the forehead. video from a service station security camera shows the aftermath of the altercation. it happened in the south philly neighborhood of third an and re. that's docker in the sunglasse s and white hair. key see is being pulled back a friend. sable claims the electrical workers had been protesting his union of non-union workers. key see 36 says dougherty's men struck him 15 to 20 times and he responded by punching one of them. >> the whole time i had it my mind not to hit dougherty he's an older gentleman and he had sunglasses during the whole event he had sunglasses on. >> reporter: dougherty spokesperson in a statement tells a far different story. he claims the union boss was not the aggressor. he says key see through the first punch after making verbal threats against dougherty's family. key see denies the threats and
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says he didn't know who dougherty was at the time. key see's lawyer says, detective james powell of the south detective division investigated the case. >> after an investigation, the detective powell determined that there was charge that is should be made against and did in fact prepare charges against can johnny dougherty and the four other people. >> reporter: last friday, he speaks on the phone with the prosecutor, philadelphia district attorney seth williams who tells him he has a conflict and kicks the case. >> he indicated to me that in fact he had transferred this case to the attorney general's office and i asked him why? and i still don't know why. >> reporter: by text, williams wrote to fox 29 he referred the case because of real or perceived conflicts. he added, he would have been attacked because of either preferential or overly harsh
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prosecution. joshua key see plans to sue and is troubled by the da's actions. >> really makes me disappointed people have to live in a city like this where people, you know, who are put in power to do certain things disregard that, you know, given who the person is. >> reporter: williams says he has a conflict and that's why he kick the case to the attorney general. he says that's the process. in a statement attorney general kathleen kane writes, she has set up a conflict wall regarding the decision to accept or deny the case because of the high profile nature of john dougherty who was a donor to her 2013 campaign, she adds capable attorneys in her office will make that decision. in the newsroom, i'm jeff cole. iain back to you. >> jeff, thank you. global icon has a new home tonight. multi million dollar renovation that will change the philadelphia you know for generations to come. plus, the battle between apple and the fbi. the big names to you getting involved in the debate over whether to hack the phone of one
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of the san bernardino shooters. how the controversy will come to philadelphia in just minutes. and this may look like a toy gun but what would you think if someone point the at from you another car while you're driving? childish prank that that landed a group teens in really big trouble. fast food food chain apologizing for something that apparently happened to a police officer at the drive through win dome the interaction the company says it wants to make right. all new on fox 29 news at 6:00 video of what this new jersey state trooper did for a little boy is going viral tonight. reunion that will make you smile. that's coming up.
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♪ developing right now, as the justice department tries to compel apple to break the code on the iphone used in the san bernardino massacre. u.s. attorney general makes her first public statements on the matter and some titans in the tech industry weigh in as well. >> protesters in support of apple plan -- protests planned around the country including right here in philadelphia. fox's adam housely has the latest. >> reporter: federal prosecutors are asking the court to force apple to produce software that would help the fbi guess the pass code to an iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists attorney general loretta lynch says lawmen cross the country needs
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to be able to use technology to gather evidence in kim cal cas cases. not just this one. >> we're all looking for ways to make sure that we maintain access to the important evidence that we need while also protec protecting privacy and security. i think we can do both. >> meantime microsoft co-founder bill gates breaking ranks with many in silicon valley seeming the backing the fbi in this legal balance. >> well, the courts are going to rule and it will be good to have that, n precedent. i do think people want the government to act on behalf they feel like the safeguards are there. >> reporter: but others like facebook founder mark zuckerberg are siding with apple. >> i don't think requiring back doors into encryption social security either going to be an effective way to increase security or really the right thing to do for the direct of the world is going in. >> reporter: as the debate ranges on a national poll shows the majority of americans are in favor of apple helping the fbi, apple supporters are conducting
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rallies across the country again from new york to san francisco and here in los angeles. in los angeles, adam housely, fox news. again, there are demonstrations in support of apple planned around the country today. that includes a rally set for later tonight at the apple store in center city. we will have a crew there and let you know what happens coming outpatient to the fox 29 news at 6:00. house democrats could be making moves to block an effort to impeach pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. this comes after kane announced last week she would not seek re-election. sub committee responsible for making recommendations about an impeachment meet dag in harrisburg. democrats now raising concerns about the long and potentially expensive process pointing i was new attorney general will be elected in november. kathleen kane has been under fire after she was charged with perjury last august for allegedly leaking grand jury material and then lying about it. her trial is scheduled for the summer. philadelphia mayor jim kenney is talking about the race for the white house and throwing
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his support behind democratic candidate hillary clinton. mayor kenney nouns dag he's endorsing clinton for president as the city gears up to most the democratic national convention this summer. he says he shares clinton's request to tear down barriers that deny opportunity to so many americans. clinton is leading rival bernie sanders in the delegate race. the pennsylvania democratic primary is april 26th. meantime pennsylvania governor tom wolf endorsing state representative dwight evans for congress. evans is running against democratic incumbent chaka fattah. fattah is battling federal corruption charges and din hip initiate am campaign fund has the packing of mayor kenney. >> philadelphia iconic love sculpture has new temporary ho home. sculpture moved from love park across the street to dilworth park today. the move is to make room for a $16 million renovation project at love park. it will add more screen space, new fountain and renovations at the welcome center and jfk plaids sam the love sculpture will move back to love park when
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that project is finished in about a year. south jersey waitresses celebrating 50 years on the job. >> good for her. she says she stayed simply because she just loves this gig. joan brownin browning's co-worke celebrating her half century of hard work at ponzi crows in cherry hill. not much has changed at the diner except the use of computers which she doesn't like. she says she's old school and still relies on a pen and paper. the biggest draw for her, the people. >> it's very good here. they're very well organized. i just like it here. i really do. i like my job. not many people can say that but i can. >> browning has regulars she says she always enjoys seeing. they even apparently sit and wait for her to serve them. >> good for her. a touching act of kindness and compassion by a starbucks employee in virginia is gaping a lot of attention. >> hearing impaired customer
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first shared the details of the gesture on social medial he says the cashier at star buck told him in note she's been learning american line language so he can have the same experience at starbucks at everyone else. his says the cashier's jess they are warmed his heart. >> i felt happy she learned to sign asl to speak to me. i felt happy that she wrote me the note. >> he says he comes to the store about three times a week and loves his experience there. yet another opinion on how much booze you should be drinking. the new study that suggests pouring yours self another glass to help you live longer. towering plume of smoke tells only part of the story of the horrific violence that happened in this home much the call to 911 the first clue about what happened here. plus a whale in big trouble hog tied by a fishing line inside the painstaking process to save it and get to a happy ending.
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phoniex police and firefighters bracing bullets and flames as they responded to a shooting and house fire that left a family of five dead including the gunman. it happened this morning four of the people killed were adults the fifth a girl who's age has not been released. police say officers showed shot and killed the gunman. 911 caller from the home described the shooting as domestic situation. investigators say all of the people involved are related in some way. emergency aid coming into figi after powerful cyclone devastated the country. australian transport plane loaded with aid arrived in the country. at least 29 people were killed in the cyclone and more than 8,000 people are living in evacuation centers. officials say emery moat communities are just caught off and residents are desperate. >> i just don't know... (inaudible). >> cyclone winston tour through the pacific island chain over
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the weekend packing winds up to 175 miles an hour. australia and new zealand pledged millions in aid. with deadline today for summiting a proposal to congress president obama just in the nick of time outlining his plan for closing the controversial guantonimo bay detention facility. the president's plan delivered to congress is attempt to convince lawmakers to allow the pentagon to move get mow's remaining detainees to the united states he wants them housed in a facility that would cost $475 million to build. there are currently 91 prisoners being held there but the obama administration says that number is expected to shrink below 60 by summer. >> we'll continue to securely and responsiblely transfer to other countries the 35 detainees out of the 91 that have already been approved for transfer. >> those op move to the president's proposal believe moving detainees to the united states would only created ad security concerns here at home.
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this may look like a toy gun but what would you think if someone pointed it at you from another car while you're driving? the childish prank that just landed a group of teens in some really big troub trouble. and it's an unpleasant procedure you may dread but one group says you may be able to skip the colonscopy. which group that is still ahead. kathy. >> in weather we're tracking light rain and drizzle and winds gusting to 30 miles an hour but it's only going to get worse with a bigger storm heading our way for tomorrow. details coming up when we come back.
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♪ here's life look at blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera. rain falling on us all day today but some people here actually saw some snowflakes. tomorrow's weather looks a little bit more serious. meteorologist kathy orr will have update for us coming up in your fox 29 winter wet authori authority. breaking news tonight concerning supreme court justice antonin scalia's death. we now know tonight the justice suffered from several health issues that include obesity, artery disease and diabetes. that is according to a letter from the supreme court's doctor. a west texas district attorney says the long list of health issues made an autopsy unnecessary. scalia died suddenly almost two weeks ago on a hunting trip in texas. around the country protesters are hitting the street in demonstration targeted at the government. this comes after a court sided with the fbi which wants to hack into a locked iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists.
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the fbi is requesting the company make a master key that would help unlock the phone. apple has been fighting the government and active visits say a matter key would put everyone's privacy at risk. coming up at 6:00 we'll take you live to the protest happening in center city. some florida teens having to learn to grow up fast of the what started as childish game landed them in handcuffs. >> worse yet police say their prank could have gotten them killed. >> reporter: without an orange tip could you tell if this were a real or fake gun? >> orange tips were placed on that bite manufacturers for reason. >> reporter: deputes say on saturday a group of five, 16 and 17-year-olds who were riding together pointed a replica 9-millimeter at another vehicle. the orange cap had been taken off. >> we got the distinct impression this was a prank they thought this was would be funny. they thought this would get arise. >> reporter: it got the wrong kind of rise. inside that other car an off duty pinellas park cop and his
5:31 pm
wife. soon after the teens fun would come to an end when deputes pulled them over. that's when the reality of the situation became clear. >> in a situation like this, you know, we do have individuals who have firearms who lawfully carry concealed weapons permit. those juveniles are fortunate that they were not shot and killed. they were stupid kids. goofing around. >> john courtney's son was one of the kids in the car. he says he had no knowledge of the gun and was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> my hope is that he's going to make better choices with who he's friends with. especially with kids he doesn't know. >> reporter: all five teens are charged with aggravated assault with a firearm. a felony. one was charged with having truck paraphernalia. >> i am concerned about that. he wants to be a police officer and him having record like this could destroy that. >> reporter: a lapse in judgment resulting in serious potentially long-term consequences. >> we have to start looking at things for what they are. just a bunch of stupid kids and one of them pulls out a toy.
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deputes say they found a second air soft gun without the orange cap in the car along with a mask. teenagers could be charged as adults. that will be up to the florida state attorney's office. let's get back to your fox 29 winter wet authority now. you've been zenning us your videos of the rain today. we've seen slick streets in port richmond and soggy walk to class on the temple campus in north philadelphia and cooper river park these geese probably the only ones enjoying the weather because it was kind of wet out there today. i know. >> not a good day to be outside. no. bad hair day. >> for sure. another one tomorrow. really. >> tomorrow is worse. >> tomorrow is much worse. >> oh wow. >> our next dry opportunity will be thursday and looking better for the weekend. first we have to get through tomorrow much this is big storm. >> yeah it is. >> the one we have over us right now light rain, drizzle into the evening. this is moving out but the main event is this storm producing severe weather, a tornado watch through new orleans and the gulf
5:33 pm
coast right now and this will be lifting up through the tennessee valley and eventually into the great wakes lakes. we stay on the warm side of the storm weather pattern similar to the early winter system season where it was warm but wet. you can see our camera shaking at the airport because winds are gusting to 30 miles an hour in many locations. 41 the current temperature in philadelphia. winds out of the east northeast at 14. gusting to 26 and that wind will continue even into the day tomorrow and get more intense. so we have one area of low pressure moving away. the other one really strengthe strengthening and lifting toward the north. we get all of this rain associated with it and even the potential for a squall line of thunderstorms tomorrow evening and look at this. the cold air being pushed down from canada on the back side producing a snowstorm for areas of michigan, also into the ohio valley into places like indiana once again we catch a break if you don't like the snow that is. as we track the rain you can see spotty this evening. with temperatures in the 30s.
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temperatures rise overnight and by tomorrow morning at 7am you can see some spotty showers. so really no big deal as far as the rain is concern. it's in the afternoon that the rain picks up and temperatures will begin to warm from the south. look at this. 58 with a southerly wind in millville and some patchy rain. wildwood 58. so all of this warm air will lift during the day. so it's afternoon that we see that surge of warmth and after 5:00 p.m. we see the potential for thunderstorms with temperatures riding into the 60s tomorrow. so it's a strong southerly wind. warm moist air ahead of the front and then we see the potential for severe weather into the evening. by early thursday morning, it's out of here but temperatures are still warm with very gusty southerly wind. so how much wayne ra* rain. one to 2-inches in most locations there could be an area toward the shore we see 2-inches or more and the heavier locations and there is a threat of severe weather. a high risk near the mid atlantic coast in the carolinas but as we move toward the
5:35 pm
philadelphia area, a general risk of thunderstorms for the delaware valley. but south jersey and also delaware where you see that darker green, there is a risk of severe weather and the main threat would be damaging winds. so this is a timeline i'm month of most concerned with. 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. heavy rain, rumbles of thunder in those thunderstorms potential for wind damage with wind gusts to 60 miles an hour. and that could produce big problems. reduced visibility in heavier thunderstorms and maybe some areas of fog. tonight 39 in the city. 34 in the suburbs. light rain and drizzle. with areas of fog developing. tomorrow periods of rain, the heaviest in the evening. the high temperature 62 degrees. the winds gusting to about 35 in the afternoon. but much stronger at night gusting to give tee even 60. thursday we dry it out the rain is out of here but we still could see winds gusting to 50 miles an hour on thursday. that's a strong tropical storm force. friday cooler. saturday still a chill.
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but look at sunday and monday. back into the 50s and then tuesday we cool it back down again as march begins. >> that's right. about a week away from march. >> couple it? >> no. >> thanks, kathy. >> you bet. blizzard is bad enough but imagine having to bail out of your plane. that's what these people are doing in japan. the sounds they heard on board that probably made evacuating seem like the best option. >> and yet another opinion on how much booze you should be drinking. the new study that suggests pouring yourself another glass could help you live longer. coming up all new at 6:00 these bins are supposed to be for collecting clothing donations to help community. city officials say that's not happening. why these bins, what the city is doing to stop it.
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grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery,
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you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. scary moments for passengers aboard a plane in northern jap japan. the engine on a japan airlines
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flight caught fire forcing it to abort take off in blizzard conditions. more than 160 passengers and crew members had to slide down emergency chutes on the snow covered tarmac. the engine apparently stalled after sucking in snow and then there was an explosive sound when the pilot restarted it. passengers say smoke also filled the cabin. one woman suffered minor injuries. turning to your health now. a new reason to say cheers. two new studies suggest drinking three to five alcoholic beverages a week may benefit your heart's health. for the first study publish in the international journey of cardiology, researchers found that people who had three to five drinks a week had a 33% lower risk of heart failure. in the second study publish in the journal of internal medicine the heart attack risk was 38% lower. as always it's about moderation. doctors say drinking too much of course can be dangerous for your liver. a panel of medical experts in canada advising against the
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use of colonscopy as a routine colon cancer screening in people at low risk for the disease. instead the task force says low risk symptom free adults between 50 and 74 should be screened with a fecal blood test every two years guidelines are similar to those of the us preventive services task force. while the us recommendations include colonscopy the canadian task force does not believe there's enough evidence for everyone to go through the procedure as always it is best to speak with your doctor. a fast food chain apologiz apologizing to night for something apparently happened to a police officer at a drive through window. the interaction the company says it wants to make right. and we've seen schools adding desks that make students stand up while they work. the goal is to keep them fit and now this school just took it one step further. >> tom. >> dawn ryan how war speaks for the first time this off season about his future in philadelphia and his reported use of steroids. how war eskin with more from florida later in sports.
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♪ students at miami mill school taking a stand all to improve their health. school receiving a donation of 40 standing desks by company called ergo tron. students put them together and wheeled them right into the classroom. the company says standing increases the heart rate and keeps students alert and engag engaged. well fox 29 is a news team and a team we want you to part of. >> you know how we're always asking towsend us videos and photos. now we're partnering up with new app to make the really easy for you.
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all you have to do is fresco it. fox 29's chris o'connell shows you how. >> reporter: like most of you i use my iphone every day but not just to make phone calls or answer e-mails. i use it to make news. i shoot video. i shoot pictures of what i see around me. if there's a story there, i am getting it and now you can do the same. witnesses say heard explosions that shook the ground someone stopped to record the clouds of smoke. >> reporter: fox 29 viewers are changing the way news is captured and reported. we now have an app that let's you become a photojournalist part of our team. the app is called fresco news. with your iphone just download the app, you are then instantly connected to us. fox 29 news. you are now on our team. through the app our assignment editors will let you know when news is happening in your area. give you a chance to cover the story for us.
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oh, and make money, too. you've actually been sends your videos and pictures for years. fresco is making it easier. and some of you are already using it. >> check out this picture from matt henry. >> which high winds struck in chester county, when snow fell in bucks county. >> breaking news in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. >> reporter: when major fire broke out in northeast philly. >> i was on 95 driving north when i saw the plume of smoke headed out there. shot the video and when i was standing here i got the buzz there was an alert for it. as i was shooting the video i up loaded it right to the app. >> reporter: fresco users like jared were there to capture it. then connect with us here in our fox 29 newsroom. >> i got notified moments later that they had purchased it. kind of proud. that was kind of cool. >> small parade in center city philadelphia today for lincoln day. >> i'm here with my i phone.
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>> andrew tobin used fresco to share a little bit of philly history with our fork 29 viewe viewers. >> there was a parade in town for abraham lincoln's birthday. i recorded eight few videos and took a few photos of the civil war era reenactors and those were purchased by fox news. >> reporter: it's easy to do. download the fresco news app, respond to an assignment, shoot, up load, get paid. >> it's kind of cool. especially how easy it was just to take video with my phone and up load it. it was kind of neat. document something a little bit more worthwhile. >> very nice to have an outlet and content that matters to somebody to present to a larger group. >> reporter: that quickly you've become an important part of our fox 29 news team. and you can see how as you watch your news gathering on our air and online. we're looking for people on the ground with cameras in their pockets and making them part of our team and changing journali
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journalism. so go fresco it. ♪ we're the first major tv station in the country to use fresco and this morning on good day mike jerrick talk to the man who made the all happen. >> co of fresco john a myra is here. thank you john. >> thank you mike. >> good to be your partner. we're buddies now. >> i know. >> the new steve jobs. >> oh, no. that's a little too awesome some. >> was he an influence, though. he was definitely an influence growing up. the type of visionary that april spared me. >> went to nyu you've been creating apps forty five in your life already. >> about 45 apps. got started back in to 008 and then really wanted to focus on fresco after i saw that, you know, there was such a need for platform to really anyone to be a part of the news. >> everybody has a phone. >> exactly. >> so our news team has expanded from about 50 to millions now. >> right. it really expands your coverage to be technically inn if you dent. not only can you access, you
5:50 pm
know, photos and videos from just the philly area but all over the world. >> already using it. we'll role footage of fires and different things that people have already shot with fresco and accept it to us. it's a free app. >> it's free app. go to the app store search fresco. download it and then once you download it make an account and boom any time you have an event that happens near you, that's news worthy, you'll be notified as a regular individual and then you have the opportunity to go to the scenes of these events, record a photo of video of what's going on and actually get paid by fox to see your work on the news. >> the way it used to work before fresco was, you might be going by and you see a fire or a car accident or something you whip out your phone video tape it and then you got to get it to us somehow. >> e-mail or even drive it to fourth and market. we've had people do that. >> that's all by the way side now. >> right. what's interesting it actually works both ways. you can still come across an event on your phone and submit something. where it becomes most powerful when we're actually notifying people who are nearby to
5:51 pm
actually get to the scene and cover what's going on. >> in other words you would give us an assignment. >> exactly. >> oh, my gosh, i'm three blocks from this. i'm going to go over and shoot a still or video. >> what's great about it is that since it's crowd sourced the power of citizen journalism really is the fact that all these scenes of events you plow multiple people shooting multiple different perspective. >> different angles. >> exactly. that goes to really push journalism forward. >> okay. so how do i get paid? >> so what's great about the fresco app you actually get paid straight to your bank account. when you download the app you really add a debit card which connects your bank account and then boom any time fox 29 uses your content you'll be notified and paid within about two days. does like, boom, two days later it's in your account. >> exactly. >> it's kind of like the way uber works and lyft those ride sharing services. >> exactly. those are actually some of the people we like to target to be users of the app because these people see so many amazing things happen day in and day o
5:52 pm
out. >> man this is expanded our coverage. >> exactly. you know what's cool? we're cool. we're the first station in america to do this. >> exactly. >> how great is that why did you name it fresco like a painting? >> yeah. originally stemmed from the type of water color painting. we want to put a nice highlight on the fact that you as an individual can be creative and cover type of stuff that impacts your community. >> jim -- how much -- that's good. that's good. money guy over here. for a still how much am i getting in my account. >> you're makin makeing $20 fory photo used bite station. >> how about videos. >> you make even more. $50 per video clip if we use it on the air. >> if you use it on the air. you see your name on the screen really exciting to actually get your content used and that's what we're starting to hear from the people. >> how cool is that. >> especially with "good day philadelphia" we feel like our viewers are our family. >> exactly. now we're kind of co-workers. >> we're trying to bridge the gap between your viewers and the station and have the community be a strong part of the news.
5:53 pm
>> john look into this camera here. let's have them download it right now. okay? so seriously get your phone. let's do this right now. i go to my app store. >> go to the app store search fresco or fresco it's free. download it and start making money being a part of the news. >> easy as that. fresco news is only available for apple devices right now but it's coming to the google play store soon. a whale in big trouble hog tied by a fishing line inside the painstaking process to save it and get to a happy ending. >> and coming all new on fox 29 news at 6:00 what this new jersey state trooper did for a little boy is going viral. how he went above and beyond the call of duty to make that boy's day. a man under arrest tonight for violently assaulting his d dog. what officials say he did and how that pup is doing tonight.
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
fast food chain under fire in alabama for allegedly refus refusing to serve a police officer. the officer says he waited in a drive through for about 10 minutes before he got out of his cruiser and went inside. he says once he got inside workers at the counter walk aw away. the officer thinks his job has something to do with the
5:58 pm
treatment. >> my first reaction was take the whole mirror thing out of it this shouldn't -- that's not the way any customer wants to be treated when they go into a place of business. >> crystal corporate apologized and released statement saying quote we take this allegation very seriously. our policy is to serve all guests promptly and with a smile. in this case we clearly did not meet the officer's expectations and we want to correct it. a sea world rescue team saves a young hump back whale in serious trouble. >> it was tangled in fishing line off the coast of californ california. sea world got the call about the whale on sunday afternoon. rescuers say the fishing line ran through the whale's mouth and around its tail fluke. they say the 25-foot long mammal was basically hog tide. it took nearly two hours to cut the line and several places. the whale eventually swimming away to freedom. >> phenomenal effort to save the life of an animal that would
5:59 pm
otherwise -- just the communication and the team work and it was just great experien experience. sea world says the whale app pedestrian to be in good health as it swam toward the normal migration path for hump backs at this time of year. right now at 6:00 a wet and chilly tuesday ultimate doppler showing us we're not in the clear yet. heavier rain is headed our way. your fox 29 weather authority has everything timed out. these clothing donation bins are supposed to help those in need. but many throughout the city have become eye source. city leaders are saying some are even illegal. what they're doing to clean things up. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. a dreary day across the delaware valley. if you dried off already don't put away the umbrella and raincoat just yet. >> the showers may be taking a break soon but ultimate doppler
6:00 pm
radar showing us more rain, more rain making its way into our area. good evening i'm down timmeney. >> i'm iain page. fox 29 winter weather authority staying on top of all this wet weather. we're not out of the woods just yet. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams joins us. no scott a chilly rainy day out there. >> that's certainly is right, iain and dawn. take a look at ultimate doppler right now. still some pockets of light rain across the area. even some freezing rain concerns in the lehigh valley as well as the pocono mountains. but we are anticipating the heaviest of the the rainfall to move in tomorrow along with a couple of storms. so take look at the pink as you move into carbon and monroe counties. light freezing drizzle and that has prompted winter weather advisories there because temperatures are below freezing. 40 in wilmington. 41 degrees right now in philadelphia. mid 40s in millville but take look north and west. 30 degrees below freezing in the pocono mountains. so that's where we have those winter weather advisories posted through early tor


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